Aerospace & Government/Military

Energy Condenser System – Transient and Compressible Flow Analysis: Reviewed transient analysis of an energy condenser system. Checked for appropriate use of AFT Impulse and AFT Arrow software to analyze the system correctly. 

Liquid Oxygen Transfer System, Aerospace Company – Transient Surge Analysis: Investigated the potential for pump cavitation during startup for a liquid oxygen transfer system used for launch preparation of rocket boosters at Cape Canaveral.

Overpressure Suppression System, Cape Canaveral – Transient Surge Analysis: Detailed study of Delta rocket launch pad deluge system.

Force Main, Camp Lejeune – Transient Surge Analysis: Determined maximum pressures arising from normal and emergency pump control valve closure.

Aviation Fuel Transfer Systems, Airforce Base – Transient Surge Analysis: Waterhammer modeling and analysis of hydrant and truck fill stations to determine maximum pressure during multiple valve closures.