Commercial, Residential & Agricultural

Paper Mill Pulp System – Steady State Analysis: Developed a hydraulic model of a paper mill pulp system. Model contained several different pumping paths/scenarios to move a water and kraft unbleached pine mixture to different storage tanks. 

Joint Custody Pipeline – Transient Surge Analysis: Performed a transient hydraulic analysis to determine maximum surge pressures throughout a joint custody pipeline for various pump trips and start-ups for maximum and average flow rate operating conditions.

Chilled Water System, Hospital – Steady State Analysis: Developed steady state flow model of hospital’s chilled water system.

Fire Suppression System, International Airport – Steady State Analysis: Developed steady-state model for terminal fire protection system used in system sizing.

Chilled Water System, Educational Facility – Steady State Analysis: Modeled a chilled water system (66 buildings, 5 chiller plants, and a thermal storage tank) and pumps. Analyzed several operating scenarios to verify planned plant expansions. Provided a dynamic working model to client for future reference.

Building Environmental Control Hydronics System, Large Retail Company – Steady State Analysis: Developed a hydraulic/thermal model of the hydronics system for new generation of energy efficient building designs. Consisting of heating/air conditioning, refrigeration, boiler and cooling tower loops with multiple pumps, heat exchangers and related controls, the model simulated a wide range of system operating modes and load cases to optimize system arrangement, control and pump selection.

Residential Water Distribution System – Transient Surge Analysis: Investigated causes and mitigation measures of waterhammer related damages in a community water distribution system. Investigated the potential benefits of adding accumulators to a water distribution system in order to mitigate transient pressures.

Fire Protection System, Vehicular Tunnel – Transient Surge Analysis: Modeled and analyzed a 5 km long fire protection system for vehicular tunnel to determine maximum transient pressures resulting from fire nozzle closure.

Irrigation Pipeline – Transient Surge Analysis: Preliminary study followed by a detailed study of 50 mile long irrigation pipeline to assess surge suppression alternatives.