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Webinar: Waterhammer Mitigation Strategy

water hammer mitigation


Let’s say you have a 50-year-old nuclear power plant that is experiencing a number of undiagnosed failures and leaks in the fire protection network…what do you do? First, don't panic; and for sure, do not use duct tape. In this case, the plant contacted Purple Mountain Technology Group (AFT’s sister company) and BLACOH Surge Control. The companies worked in tandem to model the fire protection network and performed high-frequency pressure monitoring. Learn how AFT Impulse was used to recreate the events leading up to the failures, and how BLACOH’s SurgeWave used high-frequency pressure monitoring to compare the waterhammer model to real-world results. See how the waterhammer model was then validated and used to simulate other extreme events that were not able to be field-tested.

00:00 Introduction
01:17 Waterhammer Basics
04:37 Review: valve closure
07:45 Review: pump trip
09:55 Simulate to analyze & measure
11:00 HIgh Frequency Measurements
30:12 Fire Protection Systems
35:20 Example
39:38 Mitigation
47:50 Questions
59:00 Advanced techniques