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WEFTEC 2019 Roundup

WEFTEC Chicago

You never know where business may come from! I just got back from WEFTEC with AFT’s Reinaldo Pinto and with BLACOH Industries. It was a highly productive trip, both personally and professionally. Sharing a both with BLACOH helps cement our expertise as waterhammer experts. The ability to show exactly what waterhammer is using BLAOCH’s test stand to those with little to no experience and then immediately show how it was modeled using

AFT Impulse is very effective. Here is a video showing the test stand in action. Besides demonstrating the waterhammer effect I was able to talk to many customers and equipment manufacturers. It was informative to be able to see all the equipment I size every day in person and talk to the makers of the equipment that I have only communicated over email with. I was also able to visit a client in the district cooling industry that keeps much of downtown Chicago cool and touch base with a client in the petrochemical industry and talk all about waterhammer theory. On a more personal level, Reinaldo and I had a great time at the House of Blues party held by ABB (See picture). I also met the most promising lead of the trip while at the party. You never know where business may come from!