Chemicals & Pharmaceutical

Chill Water System, Pharmaceutical Plant - Steady state Analysis: Developed a hydraulic/thermal model of chill water system to develop recommendations for changes to system and operation to improve energy efficiency and eliminate operational issues.

Chemical Plant (Qatar) - Transient Surge Analysis: Conducted an analysis to determine maximum pressure occurring from isolation and control valve closures for one of seven plants delivering molten sulfur through a pipeline. Results verified the design pressure and identified needed revisions to thermal/pressure safety valve settings at the plant tie-in to the pipeline to avoid undue sulfur discharge.

Molten Sulfur Pipeline (Qatar) - Transient Surge Analysis: Modeled and analyzed design features and operating sequence to avoid excessive transient pressure and cavitation of a several kilometer long pipeline transferring molten sulfur from a variety of producers to a transshipping facility. Modeled additional combinations of system operation and investigated and confirmed operational procedures and controls to prevent excessive system transient pressure and cavitation.

Cooling Water System, Chemical Plant - Transient Surge Analysis: Modeled a cooling water system pump startup transient.