Other Industries

Force Main - Transient Analysis: Modeled approximately seven miles of 16/18" Force Main as part of a larger system overhaul. The Force Main contains numerous air/vacuum valves, and the necessity of maintaining their operability was evaluated for multiple pump trip cases.

High-Pressure Water Pipeline - Transient Analysis: Modeled three high-pressure water pipelines that transport drinking water in a European country. Considered uncontrolled pump starts, controlled pump starts, and pump trips. Evaluated if current air relief valves were sufficient and sized surge anticipating control valves.

District Chilled Water System and Customer Addition - Steady State Analysis: Modeled the district chilled water of a large metropolitan area that provides cooling water to over 75 customers. The system has five plants and approximately 70,000 tons of cooling capacity. PMTG analyzed the addition of a new large customer (3200 tons) and the increased strain it would put on the system.

Pump Failure Investigation - Performed a root cause analysis for a transient event that resulted in a pump casing explosion.

Pipe to River Sizing - Determined pipes sizes to deliver various gravity fed flowrates in a water delivery system. Determined pump size and horsepower required for boosted flow.

Oil Drill for Medical Devices - Steady State Analysis: Determined the flow rate at various chamber pressures for an oil drill used on medical devices. Helped size the reservoir to allow for continuous flow for ten minutes.

Liftboat Cooling and Ventilation System - Steady State Analysis: Constructed hydraulic models of an Engine Room Cooling and Ventilation System in support of a new Liftboat design. These models were used to determine steady state hydraulics and heat rate requirements for a number of heat exchangers in order to maintain required temperatures under different operational scenarios.

Thermal Analysis for Jetting Process (West Africa) - Steady State, Compressible, and Transient Analysis: Performed iterative runs using AFT Arrow to determine the time and pipe size required to pressurize and depressurize a large cylinder to allow for jack-up oil rigs to get unstuck from the seabed. This analysis was able to determine temperature loss in the pressurized cylinder when depressurizing the cylinder and to determine the length of time for the cylinder pressure to reach equilibrium.


Mine Water Supply System (Madagascar) - Steady-State and Transient Surge Analysis: Developed a steady-state model to determine changes required to increase flow rates and assess whether discharge headers at two pumping stations could be modified to improve flow. Developed a transient model to analyze waterhammer and pressure surge effects at a pump station during pump start-up.

Process Feed Systems, Semiconductor Manufacturing Company -
Steady-State Analysis: Developed models and analyzed the performance of approximately a dozen chemical feed systems used in the manufacture of semiconductors.

Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Plant - Steady State Analysis:
Development of steady state models for 16 chemical feed systems for a semi-conductor manufacturing plant.

Microscale Print Mechanism, Electronics Manufacturer
 - Steady State Analysis: Model development of a microscale bubble jet print mechanism.

Service Water System, Mill Plant - Transient Surge Analysis: Determined cause of line ruptures and mitigation methods to prevent a re-occurrence. Model development included bench-marking to steady state and transient operating data for a 12-pump system and simulation of a combination of pump shutdown/start and valve closure/opening transient cases. Mitigation efforts included an investigation into valve timing and sizing and locating accumulators.

Cooling System, Coal Processing Plant - Transient Surge Analysis: Detailed study of therminol cooling system pump trip transient at coal drying facility.

Wood Drying System, Pollution Control Company - Steady State Analysis: Developed system model including the OSB wood dryer, fans, mixing valves and connected emissions control system and interconnecting ducting to analyze system performance under a range of operating conditions considering compressible and heat transfer phenomenon.

Piping System, Desalination Plant (Saudi Arabia) - Transient Surge Analysis: Analysis of the main process piping, filter backwash piping, and RO trains cleaning system piping systems for a 25,500 m3/day reverse osmosis desalination plant. Model development and analysis of a variety of pump trip scenarios including associated valve transients occurring as a result of the pump trip events.