Gas and Steam Transient Analysis


Our engineers don't guess. We rigorously evaluate and solve your toughest gas and steam pressure problems.

It's not a common engineering analysis... and the one data point you can expect to see is that your gas and steam transient issues are never what they seem. Many engineers attempt to use modified fluid handling calculations that end up providing inaccurate data. When you are faced with high-speed acoustic  transients or pulsation issues, don't guess. Let our team of expert engineers help you solve these problems properly from the start. 

Extensive Project Experience

Purple Mountain will support your existing analysis, so you can be confident nothing was overlooked.

Gas and steam transient services:

Simulate high-speed compressible transients

Compressor trips and startups

Tank blowdowns

Transient forces

Frequency and pulsation analysis of reciprocating compressors

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