Pulsation Analysis

Pipe System Pulsation Mitigation

What is Pulsation Analysis?

Using a dynamic simulation software to model your piping or ducting system will allow you to better evaluate your operating conditions. Once Purple Mountain Technology Group models your system to meet your design requirements, the model can be continuously used as a powerful tool to assess the performance of your system.

Our engineers will work with your design team to create multiple scenarios which will show you how your system will handle standard operational disturbances as well as abnormal events.

Additionally, components sized in your steady-state model will help enhance your systems life-cycle costs and energy usage.


Extensive Project Experience

Piping systems that utilize positive displacement (PD) pumps come with a unique set of challenges.

One challenge is pulsation as a result of the cyclic nature of PD pump operation which can cause high vibration, fatigue failures, frequent maintenance outages, and flow uniformity or product quality problems.

Purple Mountain provides consulting services based on our experience with the AFT Impulse Pulsation Frequency Analysis (PFA) module.

Pulsation analysis services:

Prediction of resonant frequencies in your system as a result of the PD pumps so they can be avoided in operation

Sizing of pulsation dampeners to change your system’s natural frequency and prevent pulsation issues

Ensure the pressure pulsation magnitudes comply with the API-674 Standard

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