Steady State Fluid Modeling

Steady State Fluid Modeling

What is Steady-State Fluid Modeling?

Using dynamic simulation software to model your piping or ducting system will allow you to better evaluate your operating conditions. Once Purple Mountain Technology Group models your system to meet your design requirements, the model can be used as a powerful tool to assess potential future changes and additions.

Our engineers will work with your design team to create multiple scenarios which will show you how your system will behave during all potential operating cases.

Additionally, components sized in your steady-state model will help reduce your system's life-cycle costs,  capital costs, and energy usage.


Extensive Project Experience

From the evaluation of processing plants pipework to modeling large transportation networks to analyzing oil and gas offshore production systems, our consultants have extensive experience.

Purple Mountain can provide pipeline, pipe network, hydraulic, and thermal modeling services for any industry with fluid-filled pipes. We will help you design and operate your system as efficiently and safely as possible.

Steady-state modeling services:

Incompressible liquid modeling

Compressible gas modeling

General process hydraulics design

Sizing support

Heat transfer

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