System Review/Optimization

Increasingly throughout industry, overall pipeline systems are being designed inefficiently due to either incorrect/overdesign or the “silo-effect” of various disciplines working independently without understanding the big picture of the final system design and operation. To optimize your pipeline system design, Purple Mountain can help you by creating a model of the overall system and by efficiently completing large parametric studies to specifically optimize CAPEX and OPEX costs using sister-company software, AFT Mercury and AFT Titan, from Applied Flow Technology. Additionally, to provide assurance that your system has been designed in an optimum manner, Purple Mountain can provide an independent third-party review of your fluid flow analyses.

Regardless of your design stage, we are here to help you design and operate your system as efficiently as possible.

The specific system review / optimization services Purple Mountain provides are:

  • Plant life cycle cost optimization based on hydraulic equipment sizing
  • Energy assessments
  • Operational simulation and optimization
  • Third party design review

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