Cooling Tower Header System – Steady State Analysis: Prepared flow calculations to support replacement of distribution headers to cooling towers in a nuclear power plant.

Cooling Water System, Nuclear Power Plant – Steady State Analysis: Extensive, multi-year analysis to update the hydraulic models for the existing service and auxiliary water systems to match as-built plant conditions. The updated models were then benchmarked to ensure that model predictions were consistent with plant operating data. The final benchmarked models were provided to the client to allow for the simulation of future “what-if” operating scenarios and to assist with system design modifications.

Screen Wash Water System – Steady State & Transient Surge Analyses: Investigated causes of observed system waterhammer problems and potential system modifications to mitigate waterhammer effects.

Component Cooling System, Nuclear Power Plant – Steady State Analysis: Modeled the system from design drawings and specifications for use by plant to simulate operation.

‘Well Water’ System, Nuclear Power Plant – Steady State Analysis: Developed and benchmarked a steady state flow model of the ‘well water’ cooling system, which provides plant-wide auxiliary cooling.

Pressure Relief System, Nuclear Generating Station – Transient Surge Analysis: Analysis of the effect of noncondensable gas voids on pressure relief system.