Transient Flow Analysis

For any industry which utilizes pipelines to transport fluids, transient events during operation can pose challenges with potentially catastrophic consequences. Purple Mountain has a wealth of knowledge in evaluating both single phase surge challenges and transient compressible flow behavior through decades of experience in both areas.

Regardless of your transient fluid flow challenge, we are here to help.

  • Single phase water hammer and surge analysis

    For single phase liquid systems, rapid valve closures and changes to pump operating conditions can cause extreme pressure surges commonly referred to as the “water hammer” effect. This behavior can pose severe equipment safety risks to any liquid transportation pipeline network and needs to be evaluated carefully to develop system operating guidelines and determine if additional surge suppression equipment is required. Purple Mountain is uniquely positioned to complete single phase surge analyses due to its relationship with Applied Flow Technology, the developers of AFT Impulse software.

  • Transient compressible flow analysis 


    Gas tank blowdowns and charging requires proper handling of gas thermodynamics. Purple Mountain is experienced in developing models which address transient gas behavior using AFT Arrow.

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