• Elevating flow solutions to new heights™

  • Providing flow modeling expertise for over 20 years, we offer comprehensive consulting services covering a wide range of system types, in many different industries, all over the world. If fluids are your business, find out how we can help you.

Steady State Fluid Modeling

  • Incompressible liquid modeling
  • Compressible gas modeling



Transient Flow Analysis

  • Single phase water hammer and surge analysis
  • Transient compressible flow analysis


Slurry Transportation

  • Steady state slurry modeling
  • Settling and non-settling slurry hydraulics
  • Slurry rheological properties assistance


Pulsation Analysis

  • Prediction of resonant frequencies 
  • Sizing of pulsation dampeners 
  • Ensure API-674 Standard Compliance



System Review/ Optimization

  • Plant life cycle cost optimization
  • Energy assessments
  • Operational simulation/optimization
  • Third party design review


Pulsation Analysis

  • Life cycle system design and support



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